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Delicioso Wine Deli and Restaurant

Affordable Wine and Dine Experience


In Bacolod, whenever people mention Delicioso two things would pop up in the conversation–classy and costly. From my experience though, I think it’s not as pricey nor as intimidating as others would think. In fact, you can  wine and dine in your casual attire and just chill out with friends.


DELICIOSO for family gatherings, meet ups and dates

A few weeks ago, my Aunt (Tita Dai) who was then arriving from Alabama, USA mentioned that she was planning to have dinner with us when she visits Bacolod. I suggested Delicioso as I had once eaten there and I liked the food- delicious and comes in big servings. It would be nice to bring someone who’s from another place to a local wine/dine restaurant.

From left: My mom,  myself,  Tita Suzette and Tita Dai while waiting for our food to be served


When Tita Dai finally arrived, we went to Delicioso for the dinner date at around 7pm. Upon entering the restaurant, the waiters were quick to assist us to our desired table. I ordered Truffle Pasta (penne pasta in truffle oil with bacon, anchovies, olives) and Delicioso house salad (lettuce, tomato and cucumber slices, oranges and thin slices of cold cuts). As we waited for the main course I first tried the salad, everything on it was fresh! The truffle pasta tasted really good and the penne noodles were cooked firm and al dente. It’s just enough for those who want a not so heavy dinner.

For dessert I had crème brulee, a custard dessert with crystalized sugar on top, It was quite sweet and creamy so, those who are watching their sugar intake, an order is enough to make your sweet tooth happy.

I think the truffle pasta is good for sharing already. It’s so filling!



Creamy creme brulee, yuuuum!

Deli, desserts and more….

Different kinds sausages and cold cuts are on display upon entering

Delicioso also serves appetizing cold cuts and imported cheeses. Tita Dai ordered a tray of mixed cold cuts and cheese and we loved it! The Four Cheese Pizza was big-it had layers of different cheeses, a bit salty for my taste but it would surely go well with a glass of wine or any drink you prefer. She also ordered salpicao which was also good but the meat was not as tender as she expected.

My mom and another aunt both ordered the Lapu-Lapu fillet and they both gave their stamp of approval as the fish was juicy, tasty and cooked just right. Delicioso also has an array of desserts. You have to make room for their heavenly sweets like Moist Chocolate Cake, Banoffee, Red Velvet, Crème Brulee. I have tried their chocolate cake and crème brulee and both are really good.

Moist choco cake, banoffee, red velvet creme brulee plus a variety of imported cheeses. They have it here!

Visit Delicioso along Lacson St.-Mandalagan highway (near Convergys) Bacolod City. They open at 10am to 11pm Sunday to Thursday and 10am to 12midnight every Friday & Saturday.


The author graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Had always been a foodie, an animal lover and a writer by heart. She spent the past two decades as an entertainment columnist and is now a member of the Negrense Blogging Society Inc, (NBSI). On her free time, she enjoys going out with friends, playing with her cat and watching her favorite TV shows- teleseryes and cooking shows.
Live. Love. Pray.

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