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Provincial Capitol Lagoon

Morning Jog Afternoon Walks and Night Strolls


The Provincial Capitol Lagoon was already a landmark in Bacolod City long before I was born. To this day it has remained one of the city’s main attractions.  It recently underwent a facelift through an agreement made by the provincial Government with Ayala Land Corporation.

At 7am, this is the view that you will see when you enter the Lagoon gate along 6th Lacson St Bacolod City

City’s Treasure

The Lagoon is truly one of Bacolod’s treasures. To some it may just be a park or playground but for others, instead of going to the mall, they would rather relax, have fun or take a stroll around the area. I like the huge trees that give shade to those who sit and have snacks on the cemented benches. The place is also frequented by kids as they can walk and run freely in its wide grounds.  They can also enjoy the park’s playground with the newly painted swings and slides as well as the giant fish pond where people can also feed the fishes. Visitors never miss to take pictures of the iconic statue of the golden carabao, one of the Lagoon’s attractions.

Skate board and bicycle area for kids
Huge trees give shade to park- goers The view is refreshing to the eyes!

Sunday Jog

I went there for a jog on a Sunday morning and it was rejuvenating. As I entered the gate, I saw teenagers skate boarding, another group was practicing “Arnis” as they were being instructed by coaches from Bacolod Kani Association. I jogged and paused for my stretching exercises.  I looked around and saw others jogging, sitting or strolling – just enjoying their own space. Yeah, that’s what I like about the Lagoon, even if people are doing the same activities as others, they do their own thing and do not mind what others are doing.

Teens in action.–so focused and eager to learn
After a jog, get some fresh buko juice just outside the gate. Each buko  costs Php20

Lagoon’s Do’s and Don’ts


  • Don’t litter, that’s a given in any park. Huge trash bins are available in every corner of the Lagoon so I can see no reason why some people would still leave their garbage on the benches.
  • Only three-wheeled kiddie bicycles are allowed in the area. NO mountain bikes and pets allowed.
  • Restrooms are available and they are clean. So, don’t pee anywhere.
  • Lagoon opens at 4:00am to 12midnight daily, you can enjoy after dinner walks too. The place is well-lit at night and safe for your evening walks around the area.


The author graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Had always been a foodie, an animal lover and a writer by heart. She spent the past two decades as an entertainment columnist and is now a member of the Negrense Blogging Society Inc, (NBSI). On her free time, she enjoys going out with friends, playing with her cat and watching her favorite TV shows- teleseryes and cooking shows.
Live. Love. Pray.

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